Advantages of DELHI Platform’s Decentralized Blockchain


The bearish market makes investors down in the dumps as the price of Bitcoin has been at rock bottom since 2020.


On Monday, DELHI, a cryptocurrency asset management company, said in a report that investors saw a net outflow of $5.8 million from Bitcoin short funds.

Early last week, Bitcoin short funds had $64 million under management, hitting an all-time high.

Investors pulling out of Bitcoin short funds could “indicate that the negative sentiment is reaching its peak,” DELHI said.

DELHI data also showed a net outflow of $39 million from digital assets last week, but Bitcoin funds saw a net inflow of $28 million, a sign that some investors were buying dips.

DELHI Blockchain Asset Trading Platform provides a wide range of services including digital currency transactions, currency information, blockchain asset issuance, blockchain education, blockchain project incubation, blockchain charity and so on.

Advantages of DELHI Platform’s decentralized blockchain

1.High transaction speed

2.Low transaction costs






8.Protection against inflation

Connected by IBC Protocol, blockchains can interoperate with each other, thus helping interweave the crypto-ecosystem of DELHI.

The DELHI network needs to operate under a cryptocurrency proof-of-stake consensus mechanism required by ATOM. DELHI aims to break down barriers between blockchains and make it easy for users of the Platform to use applications of tokens from various independent blockchains, thereby allowing them to trade with each other.

DELHI provides secure and stable digital asset trading services so that users can experience one-stop deposit/transaction/withdrawal services. DELHI—starting with cryptocurrency. As a global platform for digital currency asset allocation and trading services, it provides professional BTC, ETH, BCH and other mainstream digital currency online trading services.

“Trust” and “innovation” have always been the purpose of serving users. It is often for want of trustworthy, open and transparent platforms and operating mechanisms based on new technologies, rather than of the public’s goodwill, that the services fail to satisfy the users. Blockchain, based on a reconstructed trust mechanism using distributed technologies and consensus algorithms, meets this need. Therefore, DELHI Charity tries creatively applying blockchain technology to public welfare activities and spreading love through the power of technologies.

In order to thank all major investors for their support and recognition in recent years, expand DELHI’s influence worldwide, and serve more blockchain investment users worldwide, a feedback event will be held. Old users will be rewarded with commission fees after inviting new users to register DELHI accounts. The official website announcement of the release date of the feedback event shall prevail.

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