Bamboo and wood fiber integrated board is a kind of nanometer material made of bamboo and wood fiber, crystal powder and pvc. Its polymer film will be placed in vacuum through a process, and then heated by hot pressing. The method of one-time pressing.
Bamboo and wood fiber flooring is widely used, as follows: The education system includes schools, training centers, kindergartens, etc; the medical system includes hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, sanatoriums, etc; commercial system, including shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, leisure centers, catering industry and exclusive stores; the sports system includes stadiums, activity centers, etc; office system includes office building, conference room, etc; industrial system includes factory site, warehouse, etc; transportation system includes airport, station, bus station, wharf, etc; family system includes family living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, study, etc.

1. The decorative lines of bamboo-wood fiber integrated wallboard play a beautiful role in decoration. A line that protrudes or is embedded in a wall. It is suitable for matching with various styles, and can also protect the wall area, especially the wall that is easy to be hit, which can keep beautiful and avoid wall damage and other problems.
2. In order to be beautiful, bamboo and wood fiber integrated wallboard decorative lines are set on the decorative surface. They are different from other decorative materials and have the same decorative effect as lines. To calculate the length of meters, you can use user-defined lines to calculate and get the corresponding quota subitems.
3. The decorative lines of bamboo and wood fiber integrated wallboard are used to beautify the building appearance. Common materials include brick, concrete, grc finished product line, etc.
4. Bamboo and wood fiber flooring has the advantages of short construction time, easy cleaning of a small amount of garbage, and easy use without formaldehyde pollution.

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